Hudson Prenatal Massage

The weight of carrying your most precious cargo can be stressful on your muscles; let The Art of Massage & Wellness Center LLC take care of you while you take care of your child. Expecting women go through a variety of different muscle issues due to the extra weight they carry. Back pain, leg pain, sore feet and muscle cramps are all standard issues for mothers to be and constant strain can lead to stress which is bad for the baby.

The benefits of prenatal massage are numerous. It helps in development by improving circulation which enhances oxygen and nutrient flow to the fetus. The therapy encourages a healthy labor as it relaxes muscle tension, diminishes swelling and discomfort and enhances hip flexibility. After just one session your endorphins and serotonin increases, promoting well-being of mother and child as body chemistry becomes more balanced.

If you are expecting and want a natural alternative to pain relieve then come see The Art of Massage & Wellness Center LLC today.